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What we offer you


  • High quality medical research: both preclinical and clinical
  • Politically stable, safe and robust legal and regulatory system
  • Sophisticated “Western” medical environment 
  • Quick start-up time of clinical trials aids access to US & EU
  • Preferred for incorporation in multi-national trials


  • Strong Government commitment and investment
  • State-of-the-art medical research facilities and hospitals
  • Strengths in pre-clinical and early clinical development phases
  • Favourite destination for biotechnology start-ups


  • Is a network of “best-of-breed” preclinical and clinical service providers
  • Serves as one-stop-shop for accessing service providers
  • Provides in-depth Scientific, Ethics and Biosafety review services
  • Is establishing very strong and influential international network

Fast start  - for most trials no need for an approval process (i.e. via the CTN process)

Rigorous review of gene therapy and related therapy studies by Australian authorities

Use Australia for early phase clinical trials as a stepping stone for starting trials in US/EU


Highly skilled clinical staff (ICH-GCP) Very modern facilities Strong IP protection Use Australia as part of Multinational clinical trials for US or EU markets
ICH-GCP mandatory for all trials Necessary to arrange local (=Australian) legal representation  (“sponsorship”) and insurance
Cost-effective as compared to US, EU, JPN Consider doing Bridging trials in Australia for Asian markets
High % on-time completion of trials and there is capacity to do more trials  
Multicultural population = 21 million, mainly Caucasian and Asian Possibility of continuing seasonal studies in Australia during off-season in the Northern Hemisphere
Excellent network of preclinical, genomic & bioinformatics and early phase clinical trials service providers in Queensland  
Ready access to Comparator drugs, Background therapy, Standards of care, Disease tracking programs for notifiable disease outbreaks and Flu monitoring network Medical-technical documentation such as Case Report Forms, Informed Consent Forms, etc. are in English

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