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Life Sciences * Why Queensland?

Over the past 15 years, Queensland has been Australia’s fastest growing economy and its reputation as the Smart State is well deserved (Source: Queensland Science: Building a Smarter Future 2007). Since 1998, more than $3 billion has been invested by Queensland Government in life sciences R&D through its Smart State Strategy and this has leveraged access to even greater infrastructure.

Overall, economic growth in Queensland is 6.8 per cent, well above the nation’s average of 3.1 per cent (Source: Invest Brisbane). This growth has stimulated investment in the State with Queensland’s business investment growth rate more than double the national average.

Queensland has much to offer sponsors looking to run preclinical and clinical trials in Australia. The State is a key centre for health biotechnology in the Asia-Pacific region as well as tropical health and tropical and subtropical agricultural biotechnology.

Clinical trials strengths

Queensland facilitates:

  • GCP aligned clinical trials, providing FDA acceptable data 
  • straight forward and efficient trial commencement via sophisticated, well integrated services.

Queensland is a key centre for:

  • health biotechnology in the Asia-Pacific region 
  • tropical health biotechnology 
  • tropical and subtropical agricultural biotechnology.

Queensland has:

  • skilled experience – more than 500 clinical trials involving Queensland sites were completed from 2000 - 2004 
  • concentrated potential subject populations to meet or exceed recruitment targets 
  • a fast growing economy 
  • established the QCTN to assist commercial and non-commercial sponsors to conduct clinical trials throughout the State.

In addition to specific funding support for life sciences, Australia offers one of the lowest tax levels of all Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. Corporate tax rates are on par with other developed countries while consumption taxes and personal income taxes are among the lowest of the OECD countries (Source: Invest Brisbane).

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Queensland is a multicultural state of four million people and is perfectly positioned to perform studies of defined ethnic groups.

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Queensland’s world class facilities support the growth of medical and biotechnology industries:

  • 202 public hospitals (Source: AIHW
  • 570 public outpatient facilities (Source: MPS 2005
  • 55 private hospitals (Source: AIHW
  • 49 private day hospitals (Source: AIHW

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High quality for low cost

Controlled costs coupled with world-standard practice make conducting clinical trials in Queensland very attractive. An extensive business costs study, published in 2004, compared a set of standard cost and non-cost clinical trial indicators between 11 countries; Australia, the USA, Japan, Canada, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Iceland, Italy and Luxembourg. It found that Australia:

  • ranked second out of 11 countries in terms of lower costs with cost advantages over Germany, Japan, the UK, and the USA 
  • Has significant non-cost advantages compared to emerging markets within the Asia Pacific region. (Source: KPMG competitive alternatives)

Another extensive benchmarking study conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit for the Australian Federal and State Governments was published in September 2005. It is entitled Benchmarking Study of the Characteristics of the Australian and International Pharmaceuticals Industries. The Australian pharmaceutical industry was compared against those in the USA, Japan, the UK, Germany, Singapore and India. Australia was considered to be the number one location to conduct clinical trials, a ranking attributed to the combined effect of:

  • high numbers of trial sites per capita 
  • high percentage of ‘on-time’ trials completions 
  • low average costs. (Source: Economist Intelligence Unit, The Economist 2005)

Australia was also ranked second for pharmaceutical investment after Singapore based on factors including its skilled workforce, world class practices and regulatory processes. 

Planning to visit Queensland to learn more, meet with members and inspect their facilities? Please contact QCTN.

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