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  QCTN Member, January 2010

‘The Clinical Research Unit at Cairns Base Hospital has been a member of the QCTN since its inception. The QTCN is a very approachable and professional organization. We have over the years given many copies of the directory to Clinical Research Organizations and Pharma companies. Being a member has increased our International and National exposure of our core business to interested parties. The QCTN is the only organization that has identified the expense to researchers in regional areas to access education and training. They have brought the training to us, keeping us up to date with education that would normally only be accessible in major cities. I would like to congratulate the QTCN on the work they do and to thank them for supporting Clinical Research in regional areas,’ Sue Richmond - Clinical Research Co-ordinator, Cairns Base Hospital

  Gearing Up Going Forward Event Attendee 17.02.09

'Great turnout, and passion was good but needs to be translated to action,' Mr Vincent McFarlane - General Manager, The Wesley Research Institute

  News & Views Recipient 18.07.08

'It just goes to show how useful this service (News & Views) is that QCTN provides.  I had been called on, at short notice, to speak the latest developments in medical research with greatest potential for improving human health.   Today’s article gives me a great starting point,' Prof. Tony Webber - Executive Director & CEO, Clinical Network Services (CNS).

  BIO2008 Attendee 16.07.08

'QCTN stands out as a leader from Australia in cross promoting the interlinking areas of clinical trial capability. The QCTN collaborative stands out from Australia, by acknowledging our state’s focus on one particular Biotech area- from product to clinical trials (development, manufacture, preclinical and all stages of clinical trial and service providers). As part of the QCTN team,  Q-Pharm was part of what QCTN provided- A strong pivotal single point of contact for the true capabilities that Australia/Queensland has in providing our services,' Suzanne Elliot - Operations Manager, Q-Pharm.

  BIO2008 Attendee 16.07.08

'Minimum preparation for a maximum return, well organised and orchestrated,' Deirdre Perkins - Chief Executive Officer, Perkins Resources.

  Event Attendee 20.05.08

'Thanks for inviting me and being such a good host last night. I enjoyed meeting with you and other members of QCTN. I am grateful for all the introductions and hope that this will assist with the further development of our research and eventual commercialisation of the project,' Phil - Event Attendee.

  QCTN Course Attendee 22.04.08

'The course provided excellent grounding in trial design and covered essential elements including the rationale for include those elements,' Amanda - QCTN's Clinical Trials Design (for Researchers) Course Attendee.

  Event Attendee 11.04.08

'I would like to thank QCTN for the lunch/seminar (Dr. Steve Arlington Luncheon) on Friday - it was much appreciated. I found the speaker very interesting and challenging. In addition, as I represent a small biotech start-up and as my background is in the food industry, I was/am in desperate need of a new network of contacts and your forum presented me an excellent opportunity to meet new people. I have come away with a host of contacts that I will be following up with this week,' David - Dr. Steve Arlington Presentation Luncheon Attendee.

  Q-Pharm 25.09.07

'I have just received the lovely photos from Mario and consider myself lucky to be a part of the successful QCTN / Queensland trade mission to BioJapan,' Dr Suzanne Elliott - Operations Manager, Q-Pharm.

  Perkins Resources 04.09.07

'In our business we are members of many professional organisations and I can say with confidence that QCTN out service any professional body that I have come in contact with. QCTN facilitates access to high level global networking events, professionally channel good solid leads, and take a personal interest in the success of your individual business. QCTN has grasped in a short period what most professional bodies don't get in a lifetime,' Deirdre Perkins - CEO, Perkins Resources.

  TetraQ 24.09.07

'Thank you for the excellent job that you are doing as the CEO of QCTN and for making our trip to BioJapan most productive and enjoyable last week. Hopefully, some of the leads will turn into jobs for one or more of the team,' Professor Maree Smith - Executive Director, TetraQ.

  QCTN Member, January 2010

‘The Australasian Kidney Trials Network (AKTN) has been a member of the Queensland Clinical Trials Network (QCTN) since 2007. Being a member of this Network is instrumental to the success of our organisation as they provide a point of contact for both domestic and international organisations that seek to undertake clinical trials in Australia. Since becoming a member of QCTN, we have been exhibited at both domestic and international conference and trade meetings and this increase in exposure has ensured our Network has become a great success. In the past two years, the AKTN has gone from strength to strength and our membership with QCTN has resulted in increased interest and participation in our clinical trials due to the ease and availability of advertisements and organisational promotion,’ Melissa Bruce – Business Development Manager, Australasian Kidney Trials Network.

  Event Sponsor 27.10.08

'The Queensland Life Sciences Globally Engaging Event was a great night and we were very happy as sponsors,' James Cameron - Senior Associate, McCullough Robertson.

  New Alliance 06.10.08

'Richard Bowen has spoken very positively of the role you play in the Queensland Biotech landscape and I look forward to explore with you and your colleagues areas of complementarity and alliance building,' High-profile, high-ranking South African Scientist.

  BIO2008 Attendee 16.07.08

'QCTN's efforts in providing an effective springboard for CNS to access potential US clients have proved very successful and cost effective,' Mr Russell Neal - Director of Operations, Clinical Network Services (CNS).

  BIO2008 Attendee 16.07.08

'Highly recommend to members looking for value for money and exposure for their brand,' Dr. Jeffery Smith - President & CEO, BioAssayLINK.

  QCTN Course Attendee 13.05.08

‘You need this course before starting the work,’ Grahame - QCTN's Clinical Trials Design & Management (for Study Coordinators) Course Attendee.

  QCTN Course Attendee 22.04.08

'A very practical, easy-to-follow guide to research,' Sally - QCTN's Clinical Trials Design (for Researchers) Course Attendee.

  Event Attendee 11.04.08

'Well organised event and an engaging speaker that provided some thought-provoking statistics on where our industry might be headed. Great networking opportunities afterwards,' James Cameron - Senior Associate, McCullough Robertson Lawyers - Dr. Steve Arlington Presentation Luncheon Attendee.

  McCullough Robertson - Lawyers 30.11.07

'It is much appreciated and great to see how well you guys promote your members,' James Cameron - Senior Associate, McCullough Robertson - Lawyers.

  QGTIO Japan 25.09.07

'On behalf of Queensland Government Japan Offices, I thank you for giving me and my team an opportunity to work with you. It was lots of fun and I believe we have successfully achieved our mission of further raising the profile of Queensland clinical trial capabilities in Japan. We look forward to working with you to follow up on the leads from last week,' Tak Adachi - Commissioner QGTIO Japan.

  R J Neville & Associates 24.09.07

'I would like to commend you on your daily newsletter which provides me with relevant and up to date information on developments in clinical trials, drug development and other areas of biotechnology. This has benefited me greatly, not only increasing my knowledge in these areas, but also in understanding the issues which face my clients in this area and allow me to negotiate appropriate insurance coverage for their businesses,' Paul Kelly - R J Neville & Associates.

  Sunnybank Research Institute 20.07.07

I would like to thank QCTN for the opportunity to attend the DIA in Atlanta this year. The industry knowledge gained from attending the DIA coupled with the extensive networking opportunities resulted in trial opportunities within one week of returning from the conference. We will definitely be attending the conference annually, as this has been the most successful business development tool we have utilised,' Aletha Ward - General Manager, Sunnybank Research Centre.

  The Wesley Research Institute 27.08.07

QCTN has provided invaluable support and assistance to WRI in regard to the promotion of our services to the local, national and international clinical trials community. Our services are now being actively promoted worldwide which is something we could never have done on our own. I also firmly believe that 'all together' we, the members, have a far more significant and credible offering to the industry than if we were still trying to go-it-alone,' Vincent McFarlane - General Manager, The Wesley Research Institute.

  QCTN Member, January 2010

‘As an organisation focused on discovering the fundamental mechanisms that regulate brain function, QBI benefits from QCTN's extensive national and international networks.  In 2009 QBI and QCTN hosted a delegation of researchers from Seattle, the visit leading to a collaboration between QBI and the University of Washington,’ Annita Nugent – Queensland Brain Institute.

  Event Attendee 28.10.08

'Congratulations on the Life Sciences Event at GOMA. It was fantastic to see all the stakeholders in the industry at a night like that where they can relax and chat on an informal basis,' Tim - Event Attendee.

  GCP Course Attendee 08.08.08

'Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed the good clinical practice course that CNS conducted on 5 and 6 August 2008. While I am a lawyer, I do have a science degree and many of my clients are involved in clinical trials.  For these reasons, having a better understanding of GCP will be very useful to my practice. An added bonus was the excellent quality of the course materials.  They will be a very useful reference tool for me,' James Cameron - Senior Associate, McCullough Robertson Lawyers.

  BIO2008 Attendee 16.07.08

'Good for business and a great experience,' Vincent McFarlane - General Manager, The Wesley Research Institute.

  BIO2008 Attendee 16.07.08

'QCTN is synonomous with Queensland biotechnology,' Prof. Maree Smith - Executive Director, TetraQ.

  QCTN Course Attendee 13.05.08

'Extremely practical and useful,' Sally - QCTN's Clinical Trials Design & Management (for Study Coordinators) Course Attendee.


  Event Attendee 11.04.08

'The recent lunch and presentation of PWC's forecast of the future for the Pharmaceutical industry to 2020 was extremely worthwhile.  Sometimes in the middle of the busi-ness of business, you can lose sight of the overall aim of your day to day work and the future of healthcare.  Steve Arlington reminded me of many important issues to consider - some opinions were controversial but the challenge to think about the future was invaluable.
The venue, meal and networking opportunity were of a high standard. Thanks for facilitating this interesting presentation,' Gabrielle McKee - Associate Director Clinical Operations, Clinical Network Services (CNS) - Dr. Steve Arlilngton Presentation Luncheon.

  Event Attendee 11.04.08

'I found this presentation very insightful -- it was delivered with a systematic approach and the speaker had obvious extensive international experiences to draw on -- he was quite "passionate" about the talk as well -- good to see! Congratulations Mario and QCTN for sponsoring a very thoughtful presentation,' Trevor Neville - TranZition - Dr. Steve Arlington Presentation Luncheon Attendee.

  Australian Bioanalytical Services 31.10.07

'I enjoyed the time at AusBiotech and got several promising business leads. Money well spent!' Paul Salm - Director, Australian Bioanalytical Services Pty Ltd.

  Daryl Alexander & Associates 30.10.07

'I found the conference (AusBiotech 2007) a wonderful networking source. I have since received three new requirements (job vacancies) and made contact with nearly a dozen new potential clients which I am confident to say would never have happened had I not attended but more importantly I would not have received nearly as much exposure had I not been exhibiting on the QCTN/Queensland Government stand. Thank you very much for providing such a professional outfit which drew potential clients to the stand and I will recommend that DAA (Daryl Alexander & Associates) is an exhibiting member of the QCTN anywhere that I feel we will gain such great benefit and exposure,' Adam Stephen - Associate, Daryl Alexander & Associates.

  The Wesley Research Institute 12.07.07

Thank you Mario for mentioning our name to ICON - as a result they have forwarded a feasibility to us regarding the study,' Helen Woodhouse - Clinical Research Co-ordinator, The Wesley Research Institute.

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