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Biotechnology Insurance Services

Biotechnology insurance and broking advice that delivers real financial and business benefits

QCTN has negotiated a member deal for insurance services with an experienced biotech industry insurance broker that includes clinical trials insurance, directors’ and officers’ liability and property insurance to name a few.

This biotechnology insurance services deal aims to deliver:

  • a faster turnaround from insurers;
  • tailored policy coverage;
  • beneficial rates for QCTN members.

QCTN receives referral income from this member deal. QCTN funds its industry development programmes from member subscription fees, referral agreements and events.

Disclaimer: QCTN accepts neither responsibility nor liability for any errors and/or omissions contained in the communication material or products and services in this or any other promotional offer.

For more information on the Biotechnology Insurance Services, please click here (make sure you include your membership number within the enquiry to take advantage of the beneficial rates).

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